Launched in 2017, Aires Mobile Studio is a totally innovative system for the radio market, and in this year of 2019 Playlist will take this technology back to Las Vegas, and will present the app’s ease to the radio automation market.

Aires Mobile Studiosystem brings all the simplicity and potential of applications for tablets and smartphones and the cloud storage architecture.

“We invested a lot in 2017 on this work platform, together with our customers we have perfected the existing resources and extended the functionality of the product, making it much more effective and easy to use. A tool that cannot be missing in a radio station”, says Marcello Costa, CEO of Playlist.

The set of technologies contained in Aires Mobile Studio offers significant benefits to the radio.

Priming for simplicity, the system allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet, USB microphone and Aires APP to produce and transmit a complete program that will provide:

  • More interactivity with your listeners.
  • Transmission from anywhere;
  • Low operational cost with accessible equipment and simplified structure;
  • Content management with cloud technology;


Got interested and want to try this new tool on your radio?

To do this, go to and register to participate in the test phase.

Note: Use our code LV9999 to make your free website registration.